The rolling paper is over, what now? Ways to get high without it

Where’s the rolling paper that was here? Time to improvise: we’ll teach you the main tricks to use your cannabis without needing the paper (and without forgetting about Harm Reduction)!

“Who has rolling paper?”, Planet Hemp (a famous brazilian band) would ask. After all, how many times have you had that urge to smoke a joint and you found out that you were out of paper? What looks like a big problem can be a perfect opportunity to learn how to use your cannabis in new ways – whether it’s vaporizing, bonging or even cooking with it!

It is important to remember that, even in those moments, you can’t forget about your health! Harm Reduction is there for you to help you improvise! So, in addition to telling you about the best tricks for getting high without paper, we’ll still talk about what not to do under any circumstances in these cases.

Let’s find out how to improvise together? Let’s go!

Chillum smoker
Chillum smoker

Testing paraphernalia

Do you have a bong or pipe stored somewhere? Time to use them! Without rolling paper, you can vaporize or smoke in other types of equipment. In addition to not needing paper, you will also not need to spend your paper tips (or get the glass ones dirty).

If you can, give vaporizing a try! We know it is a matter of privilege, after all this cannabis paraphernalia is not the cheapest, but it is definitely a safer way to use your cannabis. This is because, unlike smoke, steam does not go through the combustion process – responsible for the release of innumerable harmful substances to our organism.

Some of the best equipment for smoking without paper are vaporizers, bongs or glass pipes and even chillums.

With kitchen equipment

Those who do not have bongs, pipes or paper can still venture into other techniques. One is using a heated knife. Who ever smoked hash on the knife?

All you will need are:

  • Two knives;

  • A stove.

To smoke, light the fire and heat the knives until they are red hot. Then, put some of your herb or hash on one of the slides and squeeze with the other. With a cone made of paper, pull the smoke out.

Be careful: doing this is very dangerous, and you can get burned.

Another method using kitchen utensils is to smoke hash in a glass. For this, you will need:

  • A glass;

  • A paper coaster;

  • A push pin or pin;

  • Your favorite extraction.

First, turn your hash into a little “snake”. Attach the pin to the coaster, and the hash to the pin – it will look like an incense stick. Then, light it up and put it inside the glass, closing it with the coaster and leaving the smoke trapped inside. When the glass is filled with smoke, you have to move the coaster slightly away and inhale that smoke. There are people who even use a straw to inhale the smoke. If you do so, prefer reusable ones!

Bong and weed
Bong and weed

Try using fruits

The apple pipe is real, and we can prove it! You’ll need:

  • An apple;

  • A knife;

  • Your cannabis.

To make your natural pipe, you will need to drill a hole in the side of the apple with the knife, and another one in its top. These two holes must meet in the middle of the way for the pipe to work! After piercing with the knife and taking the pieces of fruit out of the way, you should put the herb in the top hole. Then just light it up and pull the smoke from the side hole!

The taste is wonderful, and you mix the terpenes from the weed and the fruit.

Remember that you can do with bananas, strawberries, and oranges! Whatever you think is best!

Playing chef

Another very good alternative is to use your cannabis to make cannabis-infused food. In addition to being a way to reduce harm, as you do not need the smoke, this method promises to give a more lasting high. So, how about trying it?

Remember to make a dessert with cannabis and another one without it, for when the munch hits.

Homemade Cannabutter

What NOT to smoke in

Now that we’ve shown you the best alternatives for when you run out of papers, let’s discuss some common practices that are 100% bad ideas and it’s good to always avoid:

  • Do not smoke on papers that are not fit for this purpose! They may contain ink and other types of substances, such as dyes, bleaches and toxins that are inappropriate for the human body. If the alternative is this or getting high, it is better to leave the smoke for another time (examples of this are tax coupons, bread paper bags, etc).

  • Do not make paraphernalia with plastics! Smoking in the pen or in plastic bottles is a bad idea. Combustion can generate toxic substances that are very harmful to your body, and you don’t want plastic in the middle of all that.

Getting high is good, but getting high in safer ways is even better. So do not do anything that could put your health and physical integrity at risk! And tell us: do you have any foolproof method of smoking without rolling paper? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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3 years ago

Love your blog ! Very very good stuff. Harm reduction is important.
I like to smoke out of fruits! We once smoked out of pina – goood times : )