Tips and cannabis: Witch to choose and how to use

Here on the blog, we talk a lot about tips – which are an incredible tool in Harm Reduction! But do you know which is the best, and how to make your joint with them? We’ll show you!

Here, we’re gonna talk about tips, that are also known by cigarette holders or roaches.

Tips over there, tips over here: but what are they? What are they made of? What difference will you make when you put ? We know that those who have never used it have several doubts about this tool. We love the tips for several reasons: in addition to helping you enjoy your joint until the end, it also reduces damage. Amazing how a little thing can only have so many advantages.

In this post, we will gather all the information you need to know about tips: why to use it, the best material, the size and how to put it in your joint. Do you want to know more about this subject? Come with us!

Tips and Harm Reduction

We always explain this in our posts, but it never hurts to recap!

Why is it important to use a tip when we smoke cannabis? The longer the distance between the embers of the cigarette and our mouth, the colder the smoke reaches the throat. In this way, it is possible to reduce the possible harmful effects of the combustion process of your joint! The tip also prevents your mouth from having contact with tar or other potentially carcinogenic substances formed by burning the herb, making smoking much safer.

It also:

  • prevents cannabis from falling out of silk;

  • makes it easy to roll and gives a good structure;

  • prevents stains and burns on the finger and mouth;

  • it makes it easier to enjoy much more of the joint.

Which to choose?

You probably have already seen, in head shops and dispensaries, several different types of tips. They can be long, short, made of glass, paper, wood … And yes, it is common to have doubts when choosing! Here, let’s take a few initial pieces of advice and talk a little about each one.

  • Remember: the longer the tip, the more smoke gets cooled down your throat. Choose long ones!

  • As for the material, it will depend on what you like and what works for you. But always, at all costs, avoid using plastic utensils – heat can make you inhale cancerous particles, and it will do more harm than good. So, don’t use pens or anything like them to get to the very last of your joint!

Paper tips

Easy to find everywhere, paper tips are disposable: bought, folded, used, thrown away. There are those who prefer them by saying that they are easier to put on the joint – just fit when closing, as if it were a filter. The cost-benefit is good, and it fulfills its role in the same way as the others! They will generally differentiate between the ones with or without chlorine.

Glass tips

Glass tips are considered to be of the best quality, and their cost-effectiveness is great because, basically, you can clean and reuse them as many times as you want. They make the smoke come cooler, not harming the throat so much, and have the ideal shape for the mouth. When it comes to rolling, you gotta be careful – as it weighs a little, your cannabis can fall off the paper (believe me, this has already happened here)!

  • And don’t forget: wash your glass tips thoroughly so that they continue to reduce damage for a long, long time.

There is a variation that is the murano tips, a more handmade type of glass. They are very similar to the glass ones in all aspects! Just use, clean and reuse.

Four glass tips
Four glass tips

Wooden tips

The wooden tips (can be Imbuia, Eucalyptus or others) have a longer useful life than paper, and shorter than glass. The material is not washable, which causes it to accumulate ash and remnants of toxins. We don’t recommend it so much because we don’t think it’s worth it, but if you like it, just be careful not to use it for a long time, or at least use a cotton swab to clean it.

Wooden tips
Wooden tips

And how to roll a joint with a tip?

It may seem difficult the first time, but we guarantee that practice makes it easy! Here, let’s explain a little better how to close your cigarette with the tips:

How to roll with a paper tip

The first super important step for you to come up with that beautiful and well-structured joint is to place the tip. Use the folds, making that famous “W” or “M” (depends on the point of view). There are a lot of people who cut, or just ignore, put them aside and don’t use them – but these folds play an essential role in HR strategies.

Why is it important to fold the paper tips? They increase the contact surface of the smoke with the paper, lowering the temperature and leaving that yellow tint along the way.

The tip has to be made taking into account the amount of cannabis, flower and/or hash that you want to put on the paper. We know that, in times of Covid-19, reserves are scarcer, so the advice is: tighten the tip tightly to make it thinner, or let it loose if it is a famous gorilla finger.

After making the tip, place it on the paper together with your ganja/hashish/etc, massage the content and make the famous flip to be able to lick the glue from your paper and close the joint. There is also the possibility of closing the joint without the tip and leaving it to put on later. If that is the case, do not forget to ensure that the tip is very tight to enter, but that you can loosen it a little so that it is well secured in the silk.

GG Tip: for those who like to squeeze the joint already with the tip on, keep the hand that is holding the tip stable, following only the massage that is being done with the other hand. When we release the tip, it may fall to the side or become looser than you would like.

Important: if you want, you can put a tip + filter. The filter is placed between the cigarette holder and the weed. Oh, and forget that myth that the filter “removes” the THC and makes you less stoned, which is utter BS!

How to roll with a glass tip

The famous Pokémon evolution for those who already know how to roll with paper tips!

The most challenging in this case is the weight of the glass tip. So don’t forget: always have a hand on it – otherwise, there is a high chance of your weed falling off the paper. The concept is the same as the paper tips. Choose the glass tip (preferably long) that matches how much cannabis you want to put on your paper, and make the “shiatsu” on your basis.

If you choose an extra-long glass tip, we recommend supporting the “tail” of the tip on the top of your hand! This advice is precious: be careful not to drop all the cannabis in your lap by tapping your hand on the tip unintentionally.

Roling a joint with glass tip
Roling a joint with glass tip

How to roll with a wooden tip

There are some wooden cigarette holders that are very easy to use: unlike the others, one of the models does not go inside, but outside the joint. So, you just close it very nicely, the way you always did, and fit it on one end.

The other is like a glass tip: a little heavier than paper, you just have to fit and take care not to let the cannabis fall out of the paper while you close your joint.

Our recommendation

We think that all kinds of tips, as long as they are long, are worth it! It depends on your adaptation. Nothing prevents you, too, from varying – use a little of each, experiment and understand their vibe.

As we really like tips, especially long ones, we developed two partnerships that bear our name and that offer products that are harm reduction strategies in the consumption of cannabis. All of our products were developed with the values that govern our company in mind: Harm Reduction, Accessibility, Gender Equality, Sustainability, Holistic Education and Science.

We’ll tell you very quickly about them:

Here, you can find our paper cigarette holder – a collab with Bem Bolado.

With Bem Bolado, we have two products in line – the cigarette holder in plain paper and the cigarette holder in recycled paper!

Both are 6 x 4 cm, longer than the vast majority of what we see on the market, and have a central perforation (for those who like to smoke plus a thinner one), for folding in “W” or “M” and before glue, avoiding contact with residue on the papers.

Super Large Bem Bolado & Girls in Green cigarette holders are the first in the market to include a mini Damage Reduction manual per booklet. Another differential is the printing of the packaging in special ink, which glows in Neon light.

Here, you can find our glass cigarette holder – a collab with Hippie Bong.

In addition to paper tips, we have a special recurring line with Hippie Bong and Special Drops.

Hippie Bong was the pioneer, and is to this day the main cannabis glass blowing company in Brazil, producing unique pieces of the highest quality with national and international distribution.

We currently have in line with them a range of 10 glass cigarette holder variations! The main difference is in the length of the cigarette holders, which can be 5.5 cm (long), 8 cm (elongated) or 11 cm (extra long), but you also have different variations in diameter.

So, did you like to know more about these little wonders? We love it, and no longer smoke without it. Tell us which is your favorite!

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