The most influential cannabist women in Brazil and the world

Being a woman is already difficult – being a woman and taking a stand against prohibitionism is even more complicated. Come and meet these inspiring muses who openly advocate for cannabis!

After so many years of prohibition, we cannot help admiring people who talk openly about the habit of using cannabis and advocate for its legalization around the world. This is the case for many famous people, and many brave women take the lead in this movement so important for society and for all of us – it is important that influential people come out of the closet.

Singers, actresses and artists are some of the personalities that are part of this list. And, of course, we selected as our favorites and your main actions for you to follow and be inspired by these great muses.

Come and find out with us who these incredible women are and how they position themselves in the cannabis universe!



This year, Madonna turned 62 and posted a photo of a celebration somewhat different from the others! In Jamaica, she moved the Internet by posting a photo with a mouthpiece. In just over an hour, Madonna’s photo had more than 225,000 likes. In the picture, she still holds a plate with some amount of the herb and some silk leaves.

Well, if the biggest pop icon in the world is for cannabis, who can be against, right?

We didn’t find any other records of the diva related to cannabis, but the viral photo has already helped a lot to spread the idea through social media – and a good cyberactivism never hurts.


The rumors that Rihanna would open a cannabis-related business were false, but that does not mean that the singer does not have a very friendly relationship with the plant. Since 2010, when she was expelled from a hotel for making everything smell like marijuana, RiRi has appeared several times using the herb – as in 2012, when she was photographed at Coachella rolling a joint in her bodyguard’s bald spot. A muse, right?

She said a few years ago that she was reducing consumption, but she has always made her position clear in favor of cannabis regulation. Amazing and conscious women, the way we like it!

Fonte: popline

Martha Stewart

One of the most traditional TV presenters in the United States, Martha, with more than 70 years, she’s an advisor at Canopy Growth to develop a wide range of cannabis products. Not only for humans, but also for pets!

She also features a cooking program with Snoop Dogg, a famous connoisseur of the herb. The cool thing is that Martha Stewart can reduce the barrier that still exists among a good part of the population for the consumption of products derived from cannabis – and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this partnership.

Fonte: maryjuana

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi is a major player in this new cannabis product market. Those that the famous actress promotes are specifically aimed at relieving menstrual cramps. Since the launch in 2016, the line includes tinctures, body balms and bath products. “Smoking a joint is good, but most people can’t smoke a joint and go to work,” she said.

Still according to her, the vape pens saved her life. “With each sip comes relief – from pressure, pain, stress, discomfort.”

fonte: facebook


Betty Faria

An actress extremely famous for her participation in global soap operas and miniseries, she revealed that she uses cannabis in 2016, during an interview with “Programa do Bial”. According to Betty, she does not feel any kind of problem with the herb, much less the loss of memory, as many point out as a reason for not using it.

After receiving several criticisms for the positioning, she also told the newspaper “Extra” that it was not an act of courage to open up about the use, but something that needs to be done. For her (and we strongly agree), all prohibitionism is based on “pretending”, and that we are experiencing many serious consequences because of this – both in hospitals, in schools and in public security.

Betty Faria, you are our muse!

fonte: GNT


Actress and singer, Cleo is very open when it comes to the use of not only marijuana, but drugs in a general sense. For her, it would be hypocritical to deny that she has already used it, but currently she declares herself to be a recreational user. It still strongly advocates drug regulation. “I am in favor of having experiences and living them responsibly. Everything that is done under the hood does not favor. Not legalizing only benefits trafficking. It is hypocrisy”.

Fonte: youtube

Rita Lee

We can’t help talking about this incredible woman, Rita Lee. On her Facebook, the artist said that she no longer uses drugs as she used to do, but she is 100% against the criminalization of cannabis. Who has never seen her video at a concert in 2012, cursing the police for “dogs” and “motherfuckers” and still asking the audience for a joint?

She was arrested that day, but, well, it was worth it, right?

In her biography, the rocker reveals that she has already used all kinds of substances. In a recent interview with Pedro Bial, she spoke again on the subject and argued that alcohol is the most harmful of them all.

Fonte: maryjuana


Anyone who has heard “Verdinha” obviously knows well what the singer is talking about. But it was not just the music that made us realize the connection of singer Ludmilla with cannabis: in an interview with Marie Claire earlier this year, she talked about how some Brazilians who praise the United States, but when it comes to the legalization of herb, the position is completely contrary.

According to Lud, it is time for Brazil to start and study a correct way of making regulations. For her, the biggest obstacle are big businessmen, who will lose a lot of money in this process.

We totally agree, Lud.

fonte: youtube

So, did you like to know more about the positioning of some famous cannabis users? We love to see that they are 100% people like us – supporters of fairer legislation and with more access to this rich natural medicine. Who else would you add to that list? Tell us in the comments!

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