What is piatella cured hash?

Piatella cold cure is the perfect union of technology with the traditions of the hashish universe. Here, we will explain to you what it is and how it’s made!

There’s no way something can be better than a full melt ice hash, right? Apparently, there is — at least according to Roger Volodarsky, also known as Jolly Roger, founder and CEO of PuffCo. Last month, he published a video on his YouTube channel highlighting how cold-cured full melt ice hash with the Piatella technique takes the experience to another level. And we know you must be wondering why all this hype!

One of those responsible for developing the Piatella hash technique is Zio, from Uncle’s Farms (@uncles_farm). Using six-star ice hash (meaning of the highest quality) from award-winning hash makers La Sagrada Farms and Slite 23, he “developed a method to obtain the perfect cure, offering the maximum expression of the cultivar and expanding the world’s ability to experience the solvent-free magic of nuanced hashish”.

But what is Piatella hash, and how is it made? What’s the difference between it and “regular” hashish? In this text, we will explain everything about this new technique beloved by hashish enthusiasts. Come along!

What is Piatella hash?

Piatella hash is a perfect union between traditions and technology. This is because it combines the ancient practice of curing hashish to enhance its flavors with the ice water hash process made with fresh-frozen material. Typically, Piatella is made with the best available ice: full melt, so-called because it completely melts in the banger when vaporized.

Cold curing is nothing new. But the Piatella process is a little different, and, although it also focuses on enhancing the flavor of samples through transformations caused by time and ambient temperature, it also generates a unique result in texture and appearance:

If you observe cold-cured ice hash with the Piatella technique, you can see that it even looks like a small piece of bread or candy. It becomes consistent enough to be cut with knives without sticking or dripping.

According to Zio, fresh Piatella hash has a “rainbow” of terpenes, meaning a myriad of complex flavors that show the true potential of each plant.

But how is it made?

How is the Piatella curing process done?

Piatella cured hash, by @uncles_farm, in Barcelona. Image by @uncles_farm.

Zio from Uncle’s Farm explains, “first, you need to ‘melt’ the ice, but without forcing it. Just use time and no air. Air will accelerate the oxidation process. My goal in this type of curing is to slow down the oxidation process to give all of our members a chance to smoke a fresh Piatella at the best moment of their lives.”

Okay, what does he mean by that?

Basically, the idea is to take a full melt ice water hash made with fresh-frozen material and wrap it in cellophane or that plastic used to roast chicken. It must be packaged in a way that eliminates any and all contact of this material with air — in a way very similar to what we do with temple balls. After that, place this hash sample in a vacuum-sealed glass and wait for the natural magic of the process.

Over time, cold curing causes the hash to begin “sweating” terpenes, which become a kind of outer layer. This gives it a slightly wetter consistency, very similar to more traditional hashes and even rosin badder. And the goal of everything is basically the same:

  • Enhance flavors;
  • Stabilize the matter;
  • Extend its half-life outside of refrigerators and freezers.

What’s the hype around Piatella?

Yes, the Piatella cure has gone viral and gained enormous hype recently. But this comes for many reasons!

  • Visually, Piatella ice hash is a work of art. Besides being visually appealing, it also provides a unique experience in both effects and aromas and flavors.
  • As Roger himself says in his video, much of the hype comes from innovation. Of course, cold curing is nothing new, but the technique employed in the way that Zio developed it put a type of product on the market that hadn’t been seen since the 2010 boom, with the peak of ice water hash and rosin.
  • Another point that increased the fame of Piatella is its practicality. As we’ve already mentioned, the cure stabilizes the products to a point that ensures a much longer half-life. When we talk about ice water hash made with fresh frozen, we need to keep in mind that it’s the most delicate type of concentrate of all. Just a few hours outside of the freezer, and you can ruin the texture, flavor, and aroma of your extraction. Piatella assures you that this won’t happen!

In addition to all of this, you can use Piatella to roll a tasty spliff—the way people in Europe enjoy—or vaporize it! It is quite versatile and gains extra points with those who love hash because of it.

What is the difference between Piatella and other types of cures?

Look at this texture! It’s mouthwatering. Image by: @uncles_farm.

Curing processes have been used to preserve and enhance hash since the beginning of this art—at least that’s what Madame Kim Cannoli, the wife of our dear Professor Frenchy, says. According to her, Piatella has a lot to do with traditional Afghan hash. In the country, they would set the hash aside for a while, allowing the terpenes to work their magic and transform that material.

Another very traditional way of curing was to bury the hash very tightly and protected from the elements. Underground, there are no sudden changes in temperature or oxygen exchange, two essential elements for the transformation of hash without degradation beyond the point.

That is to say: Piatella is very similar to many other curing processes we’ve seen. The main difference is the initial material: we usually hear about dry sift curing, ice made from dry matter, charas, or even rosin curing. But we believe that few people have done anything like this with an ice hash made from fresh frozen—especially full melt, which is of absurd quality!

So, did you enjoy learning about Piatella hash?

In the Brazilian reality, curing ice hash with the Piatella technique may seem challenging. This is because it’s very difficult to get a full melt without a well-technological laboratory—and, of course, a well-rounded and quality-oriented extraction process. But we believe that showing these advancements is important and serves as fuel for the fight for regulation. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to stop by a dispensary and take one of these home, or even make their own?

We hope this beauty has also left you drooling and thirsty for a fair drug policy! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @girlsingreen710 for cannabis content.

See you next time!

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