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Have you ever thought of a place where gastronomy and cannabis merge perfectly? Meet Lowell Café in Los Angeles!

We had an amazing experience at Lowell Café, being in a place like this, eating quality Vegan Nachos, organic food, the organic cannabis menu,  all gave a feeling of acceptance and normalcy. This would be the space that we would take friends and family to live this experience with us and to show a zone free of stigma in relation to this plant we love so much.

Some negative points were definitely the price, which in this trendy California area could already be expected. However similar to bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant and paying a corkage fee, you can bring your own cannabis to consume and pay a “tokage fee” instead. This opening represents a first in the hospitality industry in California.

Alice dabbing  before lunch at Lowell Café
A nice dab before lunch at Lowell Café

Can you imagine a place where you can freely consume your cannabis as your heart desires? Smoking, vaping, dabbing, edibles, topicals, tinctures even infused teas? All of this alongside a Dispensary menu of curated cannabis along with a carte du jour of delectable stoner munchies as well as healthy options and vegan friendly fare. Seems almost too good to be true no?

However this is all a reality at the Lowell Cafe in the West Hollywood neighbourhood of Los Angeles in California. Last week Girls in Green went to checkout what all the buzz was about at the new cannabis cafe that had opened up only a couple of weeks ago on October 1st of this year. The cafe aims to create a stigma free zone where their farm to table cannabis model can shine while people freely consume cannabis while enjoying life without having to feel as if they need to hide their relationship with Cannabis.

In this new type of cannabis entrepreneurial environment that has been created through legalization people are finally able to safely create these types of environments to further open the dialogue around Cannabis consumption both as a holistic medicine but also as a part of our culture we can be proud of.

Lowell Café

In addition, on the same day of our visit, unconfirmed news of a person who reportedly caught herpes with the rent of a poorly sanitised vaporizer came out. Even if not confirmed, situations like this are possible and reinforce the use of Harm Reduction strategies, such as taking your own consumption devices – such as vaporizers, bongs, etc. We at Girls in Green always take our own consumption modes to events and where there is collective consumption so as to reduce the risk of these things.


So, did you feel like visiting? We have some information: the Lowell Cafe has changed, and now it’s called: Original Cannabis Cafe.
It is at the address:

1201 North La Brea AvenueWest Hollywood, CA

Tel. 323.975.7676
[email protected]

Visit the drive thru or order online daily, from 12pm to 8pm.

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