Instagram @GirlsInGreen710 was shut down

Unfortunately, we came to tell you that our Instagram account was suspended for the second time. Come to know more and understand how to help us at this moment!

It is with great sadness that we came to announce that, for the second time, our Girls In Green account on Instagram has been disabled. Anyone who has followed us for some time must remember that this has happened before, and that we have lost all the content, interactions and messages that are so precious to us. This time, we had already reached the mark of +100 thousand followers – which makes us even more sad.

The will to get our page back is big, because it brings us even closer to you all. But the mission of continuing to produce content constantly is even bigger, and it will always be!

For a long time we thought it was impossible to work with anything related to cannabis. But this plant paves the way for many, brings lessons and inspires the content we seek to bring. Everything we do is to inform, care and pass on everything we know not only about our beloved plant, but also Harm Reduction, cultivation and gardening, feminism, health and many other things.

But we’ll be back soon.

We are already doing everything we can to get back our account, and you can also help us if you want.

When posting something, use a hashtag #voltagirlsingreen, marking @girlsingreen710 and @instagram.

Let’s make a movement in defense of information, Harm reduction and anti-prohibitionist together! We were extremely upset with some of the decisions of the platform, which has already suspended accounts of many people in the cannabis scene. This is a completely retrograde movement, which goes against all advances and achievements that cannabis carried out around the planet.

In the meantime, you can check out all of our content written here on our blog. We made this site exactly for moments like this, so that no prohibitionist platform will stop our fight along the way.

We have to remain united to achieve better days. Come along, new people and old followers! 💚

It’s time to gather forces to keep going with faith!

Instagram, return our account!

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2 years ago

This is unfair and i was surprised to hear instagram censors accounts. I love your blog, i came across it by chance while searching for help. I really hope you can get your account back. Cannabis is already showing its benefits in helping, so why target cannabis accounts, it is totally unfair