How to choose the genetics of your cannabis

Cultivating cannabis is an art. Did you know that diferent plants will offer diferent terapeutical benefits? Or that depending on the part of the world you are in, cultivating can be diferent for you than it is for others. Come and learn more on how picking the best strain for you can change entirely your crop!

We have come to a very important part of our cultivation series: if you have already decided to go forward and plant, in accordance with the legal provisions of where you live or taking the risks that we warned you about in the previous post (our Q&A with REFORMA’s lawyers), it is time to choose the genetics of your plants. This definition is very personal, and it varies a lot depending on why you want to plant. Each type of cannabis available can help more in a specific aspect, be it medicinal, therapeutic or even in the pursuit of pleasure.

But we know that it is not that easy. Today, there are thousands of species and strains, with different amounts of cannabinoids (mostly THC and CBD) and different profiles of terpenes. What we want here, in this post, is to bring up some questions that help you find the ideal one for your purpose. After all, as many already know, consuming the right herb is also a way of reducing damage – as well as planting and caring for it since it’s a just a small seed.

We know that for those who want to get rid of drug trafficking, all genetics are incredible for cultivation (including that famous PRENSEED, the seeds found in pressed weed) but we want to go deeper into this topic, after all, information is never too much!

Want to find out more about this subject? We’ll explain it here!

Cannabis seeds
Cannabis seeds

What is plant genetics and what does it influence?

In our texts, we talk a lot about strains. This word means the lineage of the plant. The lineage is what will define the chemical profile of your plant.

In the United States, where the use and commercialization of cannabis is legalized and regulated in several states, it is common to enter dispensaries and see the separation between indicas, sativas or hybrids. Today, we already know that this separation is highly contested by experts, since, with the hybridization of the species, their cannabinoid profiles can be similar in the amount of THC, CBD and even in the presence of specific terpenes.

That is: if you want to plant, you should know:

  • Which strains have the components you need for the desired effect;

  • What, indeed, is the effect you are looking for.

  • What does your growing space allow (is it indoor or outdoor?)

How to define what you need

If you are thinking about growing your own cannabis plants, you need to think about the therapeutic, medicinal and even your pleasure – it is important to think about choosing genetics focused on specific goals. After all, cannabis can offer numerous therapeutic benefits, but some strains are more suitable for some conditions than others. Brushing this theme:

  • The strains rich in CBD are generally sought to treat specific syndromes, seizures, anxiety, etc.

  • The strains richer in THC are the ones that have a more psychoactive effect, and are used both in a recreational way (or also in the terminology that we believe – adult use) as well as therapeutic, besides being important in the treatment of chronic pain, depression and others.

  • Several studies already show that the balance between THC and CBD is fundamental, and, due to the way they both synergize in our body, they become even more effective together – one accentuating the positive qualities and minimizing the negative effects of the other.

Regardless of the strain, the important thing is to plant something you like. The smell, the way the plant is growing, or even some affective memory from the past. We know that farming can be a therapy, so nothing is more incredible than being satisfied and happy with your choices in cultivation.

For example: we talk a lot about hash around here, and it is not new that it is one of our favorite themes. And that also expands to our interest in cultivation. One of us is a grower and lives in California, and in the region where Alice is, it is possible to grow up to 6 flowering plants or 9.2m2 of cover (the famous Canopy) – and then have more plants. As the preference there is the hash, all strains chosen are selected for this purpose. Interesting, isn’t it? Strains that have larger trichomes, yield more at the time of hashing and have shorter flowering periods are the main choices.

Currently, there are countless breeders all over the world, which cross the plants with specific objectives: be the best ones in producing trichomes, to have higher yields, smells and exotic tastes, different colors or the desired effect for your audience – such as anxiety relief. We can think of three important aspects that breeders take into account when choosing:

1. Plants that are easy to grow, resistant to weather and pests;

2. High yield, either for flower or for hash;

3. Desired effects, and also the taste and smell.

Your location and the shape of the grow can influence the genetics you will choose. For example, if you are in Brazil and the goal is to grow outdoors, you can choose plants that are better suited in this region! Other interesting factors to consider are:

Cultivation period and place

  • There are genetics that have longer flowering periods; others, shorter.

  • This can be an important factor in determining what you want to grow. If you have an indoor grow, plants that have more dominant sativa characteristics may not be the best option (longer flowering periods and larger plants, which can be challenging in a small space).

  • In outdoor spaces, all types are welcome – just understand the ideal climate of the chosen strain to know if it is compatible with your locality.

Strains by desired effect

Here, we selected some genetics for those who want to choose their plant for the effect. Take a look:

Girls in Green’s tips for choosing genetics

A perfect site for discovering strains and digging deeper into each one is Spend a few hours on this site before buying seeds, research the effects on the human body, the difficulties of cultivation, the sensations that such a plant causes, the description of the aroma…

We will be eternal apprentices in the field of cultivation, after all, this special plant surprises us every day. Remember: if you are a beginner, try to start with simpler crops and strains with shorter flowering periods. Facilitate this process so that it is as stressful as possible for you.

It is important to remember that we are in Brazil, a country with a prohibitionist policy. So it’s normal not to have that much variety to choose from! But one thing is certain: if cultivated with love and attention, even the seed of the pressed becomes an incredible plant and full of benefits to give. <3

So, did you understand a little more about the subject? If you have any doubts, call us in the comments and we will be happy to help you! After all, we are here for that – to show the beauty and to demystify this beautiful herb, which, unfortunately, still involves so many taboos.


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