Hash Week: Hashish quality

In this post we will take you through the main steps for the production of quality hashish that are seen on the internet.

When we created this Instagram we wouldn’t show our face, but all could know this page was administered by girls due to the name. We posted photos of Hash that we smoked, plants, travels and shared experiences we had experienced in this virtual world. At the time, there were messages like, “It’s fake, woman does not have so much information about hash,” “she’s a man passing as a woman.”

Today we are here to help in the process of disseminating knowledge of a theme we love. For those who did not believe we were women, here we are, GIRLS, writing little lessons for you. I’m sure there are many men who learn from us.

The HASHISH we smoke is the product obtained through several methods that collect the head of TRICOMAS, where the cannabinoids and terpenoids are concentrated.

This week we are talking about some hash themes and today we came here to share with you all some strategies for greater quality control. Remember that the lower the concentration of contaminants, the better the quality of HASH.

What makes an incredible hash?

When does that HASH look pretty good, what’s the first thought that comes into your mind?! – “Wow, what a great hash maker!” or “Congratulations to the farmer who cultivated this beautiful resin”. When more contact with the raw material (cannabis plants) used to make the most diverse types of hash, it is noticed that there are 3 super important characteristics to obtain a powerful resin and of good quality:

  • Adequate cultivation: A crop of organic preference, which respects the ripening time of the trichomes, proper drying (if it is for a dry raw material purpose) is the perfect starting point for a legal hash – different people growing the can achieve different results. Therefore, every love to the farmers when we see that melt delicious <3
  • Genetics: Strains have a number of characteristics that can vary from plant to plant – the percentage of cannabinoids, trichome heads that will release more easily or not from plants (they help you to have no contaminants in the final product), are some of the aspects that demonstrate that certain plants are good for resin collection. There is a maximum potential in that matter that a plant can attain, choosing a strain that, for example, more has proven history of more income in the hash process is a great strategy. But all this also of the forms of cultivation.
  • Method: At last, the form that will be used to collect the trichomes and the ability of the hash maker are the final characteristic for a good hash. Whether it is the bubble hash, sieving, or any other method, having a trained person who knows how to collect the most effectively, who earns more, does affect the quality of the hash produced. But, it is impossible to separate quality resin from a plant (raw material) that lacks the qualities described above.

A tip for the girls

For all the women who some day thought they could not be somewhere, or hold a position because they were women. We can and we MUST. May the girls unite in the struggle to build more and more a less sexist world.

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