Hash Week: Flower rosin

Find out more about the Flower Rosin: the flower-based hash produced in a natural way, without the use of chemical solvents.

As we said a few posts ago, we are fans of the traditional techniques of making HASH, but we also love the new technologies and what they make possible. Today, we are going to talk about this wonder that is ROSIN, which goes through a 100% solvent-free extraction process. Only temperature and pressure can result in a very tasty cannabinoid concentrate, with little presence of contaminants.

Today we are going to talk about how to make Rosin with FLOWERS. The technique used, the temperature, pressure and the quality of the raw material can vary and influence the quality, color, appearance and texture of what is obtained.

Got curious? Come with us to discover a little more about this incredible concentrate!

About the technique

Preparing the weed for pressing
Preparing the weed for pressing

It is important to remember that the flowers need to be dry to carry out the pressing. When wet, they release water.

This way of separating the trichomes, if done at a low temperature, allows a hash with well preserved terpenes – but possibly with a higher concentration of raw material.

Those who read yesterday’s text realize that this is also a form of decarboxylation. Currently, one can find several types of presses, which are the safe ways to carry out this process. For those who do not have a machine, a homemade way of doing it is with the flat iron (a hair straightener, preferably those that regulate the temperature). This method has high chances of success, especially for those who are starting to test!

  • Remember: high temperatures result in higher yield and lower quality, but low temperatures make all the difference to guarantee maximum terpenes and cannabinoids without carburizing them with excessive heat.

Results and usage

This super potent extract has gained popularity in recent years due to the many benefits it offers, whether for medicinal, recreational users or even those people who really like to TASTE!

Rosin made from flower
Rosin made from flower

There are several ways to use it:

  • With tobacco, in the joint;
  • With flower;
  • In vaporizers;
  • In bongs;
  • In pipes.

Extra tip: don’t forget that you can get to know other varieties and learn more about them in our post about hash types and varieties!

How do you like to use ROSIN? We love to give a dab or spend it on a flower beck! We are also thinking about making a post about the ideal temperatures for pressing! What do you think?

Tomorrow we will talk about ROSIN made from HASH – it has an even higher quality.

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