Harm Reduction

Harm reduction – Hashish and Florzine concentrates

In this edition of Florzine, we show different forms of safe consumption when we talk about hashish and other extractions.

Carnival is over, but Harm Reduction goes on!

Today is FLORZINE’s day to share some Harm Reduction strategies with us when we think of hashish and concentrate consumption! Do you want to know more about it? Just read what our favorite flower has to say!

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What are hash and concentrates?

Some know it as hashish; others, as a concentrate. As the name says, such terpened beauty has a higher concentration of cannabinoids, being a more potent substance than the flower, especially when administered through vaporization. It is at the head of the trichomes that most of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant are found, and hashish is nothing less than an agglomerate of this resin!

The percentages can even reach 90% THC and other cannabinoids, so be careful when using it!

How are they divided?

There are different types of hash and extractions. We can divide these concentrates into two broad categories:

  • those made from the use of solvents, such as wax, shatter, which are the famous BHOs, PHOs, and even hashishes made with grain alcohol;
  • The other category is part of our darlings, the hash made without the use of solvent, such as: ICE (bubble hash), dry sift and rosin.

Can I do this at home?

Yes, you can! Here on the website itself, we have already talked about how to extract Bubble Hash – one of our favorites.

An important addendum: be careful when making it, especially if you decide to use a possibly flammable or explosive solvent. Yes, there are countless cases if people have blown up houses and Florzine does not want to go out with the burnt petals to consume its cannabis dose of the day!

Some HR tips

  • Whoa! Too dizzy? Florzine tells us to start slowly, especially if you don’t smoke often. Take a few drinks and wait to hit to feel if it’s okay to smoke some more.
  • If you smoke in the form of a joint, avoid the consumption of tobacco with it – tobacco can offer a new range of health risks and, mainly damage to our lungs! Give preference to flowers or only use the tobacco necessary to make it carburize.
  • Vaporize it! Yes, a melting hash deserves a vaporizer. This is one of the safest ways to consume cannabis because it does not offer the risks associated with combustion.
  • Give preference to extracts that were made without using solvents. It is difficult to have quality control in order to know if the solvent has been properly purged! I bet no one here wants to consume cannabis with solvents, do you, guys?

On this Wednesday of self-care, Florzine hopes that all of you have reduced a lot of damage during the carnival!

And to get better from your hangover, don’t forget:


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