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Harm reduction – Edibles: Canabic edible

Today is the day to learn, with Florzine, how not to overindulge on cannabis snacks! Come with us to understand more about this topic.

It is with great pleasure that we, from Girls In Green, Cannabic Women and dear artists of @apppcompany, come back with the second part of the series “Florzine and Harm Reduction”!

This week, Florzine came to exchange some ideas with us about one of the forms of cannabis use that most needs care and, mainly, Harm Reduction strategies.

We bet someone there has already heard that story of their cousin’s cousin who ate a piece of space cake and took off on an intense cannabinoid trip.

Here, our favorite flower tells us more about it.

What edibles are and how they act

Edibles are the famous cannabis infused food – space cakes, Jah butters and brisadeiro (the famous brazilian dessert with a hint of special spice). Because they consist of a combination of cannabinoids and some type of oil, when taken together, they are one of the most effective ways of absorbing these compounds. In addition to the effects being more intense than when you smoke alone, the duration of the effects is immeasurably longer. So, get ready in advance to spend some time on the couch!

Another curiosity about eating cannabis is that, when ingested as food, metabolism converts 100% of THC to 11-hydroxy-THC (which gets you high) – compared to just 20% when smoked.

So yes, it gets you a lot higher!

How to get the dose right

One of the challenges to ensure a smoother trip when deciding to embark on cannabis cuisine is DOSAGE. Making your own butter (whether vegan or not) and preparing dessert at home is a great strategy, as we can choose how much to put inside.

If you are consuming something that you have not cooked yourself, Florzine comes here to remind you of the strategy of starting with small doses and feeling how your body is reacting! And also to share some data with you.

We saw a table that compares cannabis intake to its results when smoked:


Felt the interest in making a cannabis delight? Remember that:

  • First of all, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis. This is the first step for your edible to take effect and look amazing;
  • Don’t mix things up! If you ate something with cannabis, avoid smoking so as not to overload your body. We also do not recommend drinking alcohol along with edibles (may divine grace save us from having a blackout, right?).

After all these tips and information,

Florzine wishes you a great trip!

Until next Wednesday of self-care.


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