Colombian Gold: Understanding genetics

¿Te conoces a ella, mami? This Latin strain is famous all over the world, and is basically the “mother” of Skunk #1. Here, we’ll tell you a little more about it!

“My life is like a movie, a novel by Paulo Coelho
Or the Steely Dan song about a bottle of Cuervo
Colombian Gold, take a hit for the road
It’s given me a vision like I was lickin a toad”

— Talib Kweli, Mr. International

So, does Colombian Gold really hits that hard? This legendary strain is loved by those who enjoy a more energetic and uplifting wave, really psychedelic – but we don’t know exactly if it’s like licking a frog, since we’ve never done that (yet). Jokes aside, many connoisseurs don’t even know if these seeds and clones are still circulating around, which is a bummer. But we know a lot of interesting things on this subject, like the fact that it is used to make Skunk # 1, for example!

Want to know more about this very famous strain? We’ll tell you everything here!

Where does the Colombian Gold come from?

Our beloved strain comes from the mountainous lands of Santa Marta, Colombia. It was well known in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, but it can be quite difficult to find today. Still, its genetics were used to create the Skunk #1 – a variety as popular as its momma.

Here in Brazil, it is widely consumed – and popularly called Colombia, or Colombinha, for those closest to it. But then does this mean that we have access to this incredible strain easily here? Well, more or less: Colombinha comes from the same place, but it will hardly have the same quality due to prohibitionism. That’s because, to export it, it needs to go through several processes, which are not done so well, and end up damaging its profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our tip is to look for the seeds in your Colombia and plant it. We will tell you how to do this later!

The effects of Colombian Gold

Latin as it is, this strain can make us feel muy loco! An incredible Sativa for those who want to improve the flow of thoughts, it can make you more creative, more productive, happy and full of energy. With up to 20% THC, this is definitely not the plant for those who want to take a nice nap on the couch. But you may be surprised by it: its users say that these mega-positive effects, unlike on other strains, rarely cause paranoia or anxiety. The CBD level is not known, so we can’t say whether that is because of its presence or not!

  • According to users, it is common to feel euphoria, joy, a boost in energy and creativity, and animation.

  • It would also help to reduce stress, improve symptoms of depression and anxiety, relieve chronic pain and fight fatigue.

  • Some users experience dryness in the eyes and mouth. Very few reported increased anxiety and a feeling of paranoia.

Medicinally, the strain can help patients relieve physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, pain and other similar symptoms, but its stimulating qualities can also be used for depression and ADD / ADHD. That is such a great combination!

Although it is well known here, they can try to push you another flower or even brick weed as Colombia. So be careful! Physically, the strain is known for large, fluffy, crystal-covered buds, radiating soft notes of lemon and lime. The presence of bright yellow-orange trichomes is also common – and one of the reasons for its name.

Taking it to the grow

As we said above, planting your Colombia can be perfect for maintaining its original properties – and not depending on what is brought by the traffic. Here’s the tip, mores! Some of its main features are:

  • Flowering time that can take 10 to 12 weeks, a high yield and medium difficulty!

  • As a good Latina, her favorite climate is tropical: hot, humid summers are her paradise. Ideal temperatures are on average 25ºC.

These genetics are known for its robust plants and its pungent smell. We suggest that you plant it indoors, to be able to better control these characteristics – with filters in the air inlets and outlets, for example.

Cannabis in Colombia

That country has gained international fame for its problems with drug trafficking, but cannabis has never been a big problem there. Medically legalized since 1986, the regulation of the plant only arrived in 2015, but it has already turned the world’s attention to the area. Today, it seeks to be a hub for the production and export of cannabis for medicinal uses. And we think this is incredible – after all, it is the first step to get the cannabis out of the hands of drug dealers and bring more information to users.

So, did you like to know all this? We love to tell you these curiosities! If you have already used Colombian Gold, tell us how was your high here in the comments!

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