Brick weed: Are the seeds good to use?

Did you know that the seeds found in brick weed can be a great school in growing cannabis? The interesting thing is thinking that the seeds found can free you from having to smoke this marijuana in bulk.

Those who follow the blog must be aware of our cultivation series, in which we cover all the necessary steps to plant your cannabis and keep the plant healthy. And we know that access to the famous brick weed is super common, especially here in Brazil. And there are people who find a lot of seeds inside it and ask themselves: “can I plant it?”.

The answer is yes!

And let us tell you something important: brick weed seeds are a great “school” for starting cultivation. You can use these seeds if you want to grow, mainly because access to other seeds (from specific strains) can be more complicated – and more expensive – here in Brazil. Knowing how to differentiate good from bad seeds and dealing with them with care and love, it can become a beautiful plant, full of buds and really healthy.

Here in this post, we will tell you the main care you should take with her. Let’s learn?

Cannabis seeds in a spoon
Cannabis seeds

Good seeds and bad seeds

In our step-by-step on germination, we have told how the seed selection process takes place. With brick weed seeds, you have to be extra careful: it is very easy to find seeds, but they will not always grow. So as soon as you find and collect your seeds, do the following test to separate the good and the bad:

  • Apply a little pressure to the skin;

  • If it breaks easily, the seed is no longer good for planting.

  • If it doesn’t break, it is perfect to go to the germination phase!

Another indication that a pressed seed is good is its color. If it is dark brown, with a good shine and some lighter patterns, it is usually perfect for germinating. If it is white or green, weak, it may be dry or not mature.

Test with water: another good way to know if the seed is in good condition is to leave it in the water for 24 hours, in a dark and not too cold place. If they go to the bottom of the glass, they are healthy. If they don’t, give them a little push – if they don’t go down anyway, you can throw it away – this baby won’t make it.

You can leave the seeds germinating in the water itself, or go for the paper towel method.

For this method, you will need:

  • Two clean dishes;

  • Paper towels;

  • Seeds;

Step 1:

Take two paper towels and place them on a plate. Then place the cannabis seeds at least an inch apart and cover them with the remaining two sheets of paper towels soaked in water.

Step 2:

To create a dark, protected space, take another plate and turn it over to cover the seeds (like a dome).

Step 3:

Check that the area in which they are kept is warm, between 20 and 30 ° C.

Testing viable seeds

After these steps, it’s time to wait! Don’t forget to check the paper and make sure it is still wet. When it is drying, add more water with a spray bottle.

Some seeds germinate very quickly, while others can take several days. You know that a seed germinated when the seed separated and a single little sprout emerged from it.

So, is it male or female?

As brick seeds are basically regular seeds, we have no way of knowing whether they are male and female until they develop and it is possible to see their reproductive organs. Yeah, friends, biology is important, you see? We will show you how to identify these beauties. (put images and point the difference with little arrows)

  • Female cannabis has what appear to be hairs, which are the pistils.

  • Male cannabis begins to develop marbles, which are its pollen bags.

Jeez, it’s a male. What do I do now?

If you aren’t familiar with this process, we will explain to you: the female plant is the one that gives flowers, and that will produce beautiful buds for you. But male cannabis. Ah, them males… they can kinda ruin your goal to get extra good buds.

When we have a male and he pollinates the female plants, they turn their energy to produce more seeds, and less flowers. This can happen even if a neighbor grows cannabis nearby: pollen from the male plant can travel long distances and create seeds in the buds of others.

So, our guideline is: throw the male away! For the love of buds.

What strain is this?

It is practically impossible to tell the strain of your press plant. That’s because it usually comes from plants that are grown only to be trafficked by Latin America, in several different places, in different ways and with seeds and characteristics that can change with each harvest.

However, you can identify whether it is more sativa or more indica by looking at the characteristics.

Normally, the pressed seeds are more sativa, plants are thinner and have more aerated buds. It is worth remembering that the brick seed’s flora time is usually longer.

The profile of cannabinoids, production of trichomes, profile of terpenes and other characteristics is more difficult to know, but they can be observed and perceived throughout the flora and after harvest.

So, ready to plant your brick weed seed? We guarantee that, with a lot of love and care, they can be wonderful! In addition to that you will be stopping consuming bricks, which can come full of debris, and you will not be contributing to the traffic.

It’s funny to say that, but maybe a brick weed seed that will save you from having to smoke brick cannabis!

Hands to the ground!

To learn more, follow our cultivation series! We will bring even more information on how to give the best care to your plants.

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