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Brazilian Senate: SUG 6/2016 Cannabis medicinal regulation

Finally, medical cannabis has been discussed at the regulatory level, and recently SUG 6/2016 was voted and approved in the Brazilian Senate. What does that mean? We explain to you!

On September 27, 2019, the suggestion of the 2016 Law presented by the Brazilian Network for Harm Reduction and Human Rights, SUG6 / 2016, was voted and approved in the Brazilian Federal Senate.

What does that mean?

That the suggestion of a Law for the regulation of the use of medicinal cannabis in Brazil was APPROVED.

We read the report and saw some interesting aspects. Want to find out more about this subject and stay on top of new legal decisions about medical marijuana? We will show you in this post! Check here:

Important points about the SUG 6

  • Such SUG received approval from all legislators who were present at the meeting, except from Senator Eduardo Girão.

  • Before being sent to the Senate, the draft law received more than 90% of the favorable votes in e-Citizenship, and this fact was taken into account by the senators.

  • In the bill that resulted from that decision, the rapporteur proposes that all issues related to medical cannabis, such as production, distribution, etc., fall within the competence and regime of health surveillance, while those same issues relating to industrial hemp will be under the competence of the Ministry Agriculture.

  • In addition, she predicts that “medical cannabis is understood to mean all parts of the plant of the genus Cannabis, family Moraceae, intended for medicinal use approved by the competent health authority”.

Flowering cannabis with purple leaves
Flowering cannabis

Our opinion

We love the fact that this issue is being discussed at a regulatory level with the participation of politicians on such an urgent demand. We feel the need to discuss at all levels of society this wonderful therapeutic plant that is capable of so much well-being, and the target of so much prejudice.

Even with this step taken, we miss a lot of necessary aspects when we think of a regulation that covers all the layers that the war on drugs has affected and still affects.

The therapeutic power of cannabis is undeniable, and limiting such production to only one medicine (thinking of that pharmaceutical format that we find in drugstores) limits the potential that this plant has for the full spectrum therapeutic effect.

We need to remain confident and in the fight to build a fair scenario.

There are thousands of Brazilians who can benefit from medical cannabis. In several countries, such as Canada, the United States, France and Israel, there is already research developed and patients using the plant to relieve symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, seizures and several others.

May this debate that is coming as a tsunami inspire the population to open their minds to the use of this ancient and therapeutic plant!

See everything about it

See here all the processes and provisions involving SUG 6/2016 in the Brazilian Senate.

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