5 séries ou filmes para entender a guerra às drogas

We made a special selection of films, series and documentaries for you to understand more about the War on Drugs.

We know that it exists, but it is not always easy to understand everything that involves the so-called War on Drugs. It happens in a veiled way, and is present in small details of everyday life, in addition to being the longest War to date. Direct product of prohibitionism, it is the major cause of premature deaths, especially for young, black men, residents of the periphery. In addition, mass incarceration and deep social inequality are responses to this unjust and racist political movement. And that doesn’t just happen in Brazil: the War on Drugs is an international control mechanism, almost always causing the same events. And the most viable solution, which many refuse to accept, is regulation.

If you are interested in this topic, know that there is no lack of quality material to deepen and learn about the effects of this cycle. Some have even become modern classics, such as Breaking Bad and Narcos. Whether in fiction or in reality, one thing is certain: the drama caused by trafficking and the consequences of legalization need to be debated, and nothing better than acquiring knowledge.

How about taking advantage of this quarantine for that?

Many think that the War on Drugs is a fight against DRUGS. With these movie and series tips, you will understand the complexity of this system and we guarantee that you will ask yourself about the veracity of the information that the media bombarded for all of us!

Prepare the popcorn and run to the couch!

“Ozark”, Netflix Series (USA)

If you are looking for something more entertainment oriented to start, this may be the one for you. Ozark is an American fictional series that addresses the moral and ethical dilemmas of trafficking. The story begins when financial advisor Marty Bird (Jason Bateman) moves to the outskirts of Lake Ozark with his wife Wendy (Laura Linney). In that part of the state of Missouri, what gives the future is money laundering from drug trafficking.

At the moment, the series has three seasons and is highly marathonable. The atmosphere created sticks to the screen, and the engaging and suspenseful plot will leave you more and more curious until the end.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, just click here and watch!

“O Pico da Neblina”, HBO Series (BR)

More focused on the Brazilian reality is O Pico da Neblina, a series produced by HBO. It addresses a scenario where cannabis is legalized in the country. In this context, we met Biriba, a young man from the outskirts of São Paulo who lives on drug trafficking, and finds himself in conflict with the country’s new laws. Sell the goods legally, remodeling your business and perfecting the product, or remain in the illegal market, where your work is already consolidated?

The first season’s ten chapters will address not only the protagonist’s conflicts with his past and future, but also the impact that drug legalization would have on the world of trafficking and on the country’s economy as a whole. The series includes names such as Luís Navarro, Daniel Furlan, Teca Pereira, Henrique Santana and Bruno Giordano, and is directed by Fernando and Quico Meirelles. Too cool for those who like to value national work!

You can watch the series on HBO GO, or on Now by clicking here.

“Cortina de Fumaça”, documentary (BR)

Leaving fiction, we have the documentary “Cortina de Fumaça”. This film puts into question the prohibitionist drug policy in the world, paying attention to its political and social consequences in countries like Brazil, particularly in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Through national and international interviews with doctors, researchers, lawyers, leaders, police and representatives of civil movements, the journalist Rodrigo Mac Niven brings a new vision at the beginning of the 21st century, which breaks the silence and questions the pro-war speech on drugs.

With names like ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso and neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro, this is a title that should be watched – especially if you want to understand the reality, raw.

The documentary is available for free on YouTube through this link here.

“Narcoamérica”, History documentary series (USA)

In this documentary series with four episodes, you will be able to better understand the secrets of the drug war in the United States. From the way the CIA allied (in a very bizarre way) to international traffickers and mobsters in a “fight against communism”, to the consequences of that struggle today in American culture, economics and politics.

Market disputes and areas between gangs, the growth of heroin use and other current topics are an interesting addition for those who want to know the reality of the USA. After all, this is one of the main reasons why the country maintains the largest prison population in the world – there are 2.3 million people in federal and state prisons and jails.

Available to Now subscribers, watch here!

“City of God”, film (BR)

Adaptation of the book of the same name by Paulo Lins (this, in turn, based on real events), Cidade de Deus shows the emergence and evolution of organized crime in the community of the same name, located in the West Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The story takes place between the second half of the 60s and the end of the 70s, and is narrated from the perspective of the protagonist Buscapé. The young resident of the area is passionate about photography and wants to live an honest life, despite all the brutality around him.

Critically acclaimed, this 2002 film is a classic of Brazilian cinema. If you haven’t seen it, just watch it now. If you have seen it, watch it again: it is always incredible to be able to follow this work with a different perspective, with each passing year, and the Brazilian situation remains (unfortunately) so equal.

The film also features the participation of actor Babu Santana, as Grande. The actor recently participated in the BBB reality show and gained great national visibility because of his life story and his fight against racism.

As a classic of Brazilian cinema, the film is often shown on paid and open television channels. But, it is available on Now and you can watch it whenever you want, if you are a subscriber, here.

These are just a few titles – after all, our list of favorites is quite extensive! But it has something for everyone: fiction, documentary, acclaimed film and, of course, a lot of work here to value our beloved Brazil.

Tell us: have you seen any of these? What else would you add here to the list? We are curious!

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