420 or 710? Get to know the meaning of these mysterious numbers

Would 4:20 be the best time to hit that joint? And where does the 710 come from? Here, we will explain the origin of these numbers so present in the cannabis universe. Come with us to learn more!

Anyone who follows cannabis users on social media must have already seen many posts referring to the 420 – be it April 20 or the time, of day or night. Another number that has appeared a lot is also 710, used in the same way. But what would that be? A great secret code from the cannabis universe?

It’s not a conspiracy theory, as it seems! Relax. We will tell you, here, the origin of these numbers and the meaning of each one of them within the cannabis scene. Let’s find out together?

Indoor cannabis crop
Indoor cannabis crop

The popular 420

The number 420 celebrates cannabis and its culture, whether in the form of date or time, as we have already mentioned.

As the herb gained popularity and visibility, the “420 fever” exploded. What used to be an unofficial and kinda secret holiday, has now become a day of public celebration – especially in countries where cannabis is regulated. In several countries, it is celebrated with “smokeouts”, when people go out to smoke and party together. In 2019, Vancouver saw more than 150,000 people attend the event to get together and enjoy the effects of the plant.

The myth

There are many rumors that try to explain how the term 420 came around. Some claim that it used to be a police code for smoking in public. Others say that this was the preferred hotel room number of the Grateful Dead (notorious musicians and on call cannabics) when traveling.

However, none of these versions is confirmed!

The possible truth

One of the stories marks the origin of the term as San Rafael High School in California in the early 1970s. The term was originally used by a group of five students who were out of their school at 4:20 pm for regular smoking sessions. From there, the term spread across the state and, finally, to the rest of the United States and the world.

Can you imagine how crazy that, to this day, we celebrate something created by stoned teenagers?


710, a newer tradition

710 refers to July 10, just as 420 refers to April 20. This date was chosen for the simple fact that, if you turn the number 710 upside down, you can read the word “oil”, a reference to cannabis concentrates. Just as 420 is the time to light a joint, 710 is the time to dab.

But it is also a serious matter: just as the 420 brings its events, the number 710 brings incredible competitions, which reward the best hash and extractions. The 710 Degree Cup is one of them. The competition is held on July 10 annually, and is now moving into its fifth year.

Here in Brazil, because of the date format, 710 is celebrated on October 7 – that’s right, TODAY! Therefore, we are writing this text as a kind of homage to that date. After all, anyone who follows us on @girlsingreen710 must have noticed that the number is so special that it has a place in our name.

But here in Brazil…

That our situation is quite different than that of the United States in relation to cannabis, we already know. Because of prohibitionism, it is very difficult (and expensive) to have access to quality extraction here, especially the most technological ones. The most common hashish is still charas – and, although it is already great, we do not have the security and regulations necessary for the development of those incredible full melts and rosins.

However, if you also want to be part of the celebration, we have already taught here techniques to hash at home and enjoy the best of your trichomes.

Both the 420 and the 710 can be given new meaning here, as we still have a path of fight and awareness to go through until we achieve a more just and less punitive legislation, with a focus on Education, Harm Reduction and the individual freedom of each user.

Whether in the Cannabis March, in associations or in your own type of activism: all efforts are valid when it comes to embracing this cause. Just don’t stand still!

Are you doing your part in this?

Here on the blog, our main goal is to bring quality information to break taboos and show that the real evil is the War on Drugs! Are you enjoying the content? Share with friends and let us spread cannabis knowledge together. Any questions, just leave a comment!

Alert: our posts are not intended to encourage the use of substances, but to provide information about each one, as well as strategies to reduce possible damage from use.

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1 year ago

The thing I find amusing and isn’t well known is the same day celebrated as the day of marijuana and one held as a holiday by a substantial percentage of pot smokers is the day various hate-mongering organizations celebrate as holiday for the common practice of celebrating the annual arrival of the date on was born on within the annual calendar makes any celebration held vaguely and thinly applied to the celebration of the day the world was gifted the man destined for world wide vilification and despised infamy, given the name install recognized instantly by the name known to every adult alive and raised in western society. yes verginia the date of April 20th, or 4/20 in none other than the annual reucurrance of the day Adolph Hitler was brought into the world so many decades ago . . Such dichotomous irony . . .

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1 year ago
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I like how the only periods, are at the end . . .
1 year ago

Great to know.